How safe are Australian roads?
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There are 379 kilometres of risk-rated national highway in Tasmania, which is just under two per cent of the total National Land Transport Network. During the period from 2010 to 2014, there were 662 casualty crashes on these roads, accounting for four per cent of the national total. These casualty crashes included 32 deaths, which equates to three per cent of total fatalities across the network.

Overview of Highways Rated in Tasmania

The following table lists the national highways in Tasmania, with aggregated information provided.

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The highest level of road trauma in the Tasmanian network occurred on the Bass Highway, which accounts for 45 per cent of casualty crashes and 41 per cent of fatalities. By length, the Bass Highway constitutes 36 per cent of the network, meaning that its casualty crash and fatality rates are disproportionately high.

Worst 10 Highway Sections in Tasmania

The following table lists the worst 10 highway sections in Tasmania, ranked from highest to lowest risk. Three of Tasmania’s worst 10 sections also rank in the worst 10 across all of Australia on the National Land Transport Network.

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The risk assessment in this report is based solely on casualty crash
numbers to ensure statistical significance in the results. No special
weighting is given to fatalities and it should be noted that the
difference between a crash resulting in a casualty or fatality may
depend on small changes in parameters such as travel speed or
angle of impact. However, it should be highlighted that, during
the period 2010-2014, six deaths have occurred on the sections
Midland Highway, Campbell Town to Evandale Main Rd and
Bass Highway, Midland Highway to Hagley Station St overpass.
Four deaths have occurred on the section Midland Highway,
Sorrell Springs Rd to Campbell Town. Safety upgrades could help
reduce the severity of crashes on these three highway sections.

Best 10 Highway Sections in Tasmania

The nine of the 19 sections of national highway with the best risk scores in Tasmania are presented in the table below, ranked from lowest to highest risk. Only two of the top nine received a risk rating of low. This shows that even the best highways in this state have significant room for improvement when compared against the entire Australian network.

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